Connecting imported logins with websites

I'm trying to move from Keepass to 1Password and I successfully imported the 700 logins that I had with KeePass!

However, KeePass can autofill based on window title and as a result, almost none of my logins had a url associated with them. This means that when I press command-\ on any of these webpages, 1Password cannot find the associated login.

If I manually search in the pop up, I can find the correct login, but if I click on it, it tries to load a blank page instead of typing the result into the current field (or letting me associate the login with the current page).

Is there a better way of doing this? It would be nice if there were a way of associating the found login with the current website when pressing command-\


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    Welcome to the forums, travisp! Thanks for using 1Password. :)

    1Password has anti-phishing measures which require the URL (well, domain name) to actually match or it will not fill your sensitive information on the page. If there is no URL saved in the Login item, 1Password will therefore not fill on the page when you attempt it (since [blank] will never match the URL where you are trying to fill).

    I don't know of a simple, automated way to add all the URLs since there isn't any way for 1Password to know what Login corresponds to what URL without already knowing the URL. It's a catch-22.

    What I did when I transitioned from the OS X keychain to 1Password a long time ago was simply use 1Password's autosave feature to save new Logins as I went along. It took a while to capture everything, but the effort required was essentially zero since I just confirmed the autosaves as I was prompted. I also ended up with a lot less cruft in 1Password from older sites that I have never visited since. You might consider doing something similar. You can archive your old data in the previous app if you ever need it, while your 1Password data can be light and streamlined.

    I hope that helps (if even just a bit). Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.
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