"Modified Date" changes when moving entry to a new folder

1PW 3.8.19

1) Seems like the "Modified Date" is changing to today's date when I just move the entry to a different folder, without any other editing.

2) In a different case, the "Modified Date" is changing if I enter into Editing mode, but exit via 'cancel'.



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    1. The folder(s) in which the item is stored are part of the item's data, so the item data is modified when moving to a new folder. Each item is stored in the data file (bundle) as a separate file. Right now we just use the modified date of the individual file. You can "View package contents" in Finder, sort by modified date and see the change yourself in the file system. It's probably not impossible to work around this, but it would likely be (a lot) more trouble than it is worth. I'll mention it to the developers, though.

    2. I can't reproduce this. I tried clicking the "Cancel" button while editing an item in 1Password and also pressing Command-E to do the same. If no changes were made to the item, the date didn't change. Per (1) above, since the file itself was not updated no changes were written to disk, hence the modified date remains the same. Could you give me a set of steps that work for you to reproduce 100% of the time?

  • 1) Good answer. Makes sense. Functionally, I look at the "modification date" as when the 'real' content of the entry, or when modifying the content of the 'box', in the analogy of a room full of boxes. Not when just moving the "box" around,

    But I understand your answer, so it's not a big deal. I'll try to think twice before rearranging 'my room' :)

    2) I am not sure exactly when does it happen. I'll update you if I see it again.
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    1. Using that analogy, consider that each box contains inside it a record of which room the box is stored in. If you change rooms, you have to change that note inside the box which says where the box is stored. Thus, the contents of the box have changed. :)

    It's a stretch. I know, but that's the best I got for now. <img class=" />

    2. Please do keep me posted!
  • You suppose to write in on a label that you stick ON the box, not IN the box :)
    and don't leave the keys inside the house/car/etc when you lock the doors! (party)

    OK, OK, I got it!
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