1Password 7.3.1: An Overview


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Good afternoon, folks! I wanted to take a few minutes and give you a more in-depth rundown of the changes now in beta for our 7.3.1 update. We received some great feedback on 7.3 with the majority falling into three categories:

  1. Where are my tags? I love tags!
  2. I can’t fill from the password generator?
  3. Why do I have to start on Suggestions?

Where are my tags?

In 7.3 you had the ability to search for tags, but many of you rightly pointed out that this was a half measure. For those who organize by tags you want to be able to browse and view all the items for a specific tag. We heard you loud and clear and I’m happy to say that Tags are back! Not only that, but you also customize how they appear using the new Mini preference pane:

Now you can put tags right at the top level of the focus menu or tuck them under a sub menu. Also, but if you’re using nested tags you’ll be able to drill down to a specific tag in this menu as well.

How do I fill from the Password Generator?

The inability to fill from the password generator was a very conscious decision on our part. Prior to 1Password 7.3 there were a number of inconsistencies in how the buttons in the password generator worked. Sometimes it would fill, sometimes not. Sometimes it would fill into the wrong fields on a page, other times it would get it right. When it worked it was excellent, but when it didn’t it was frustrating and confusing. This is why we landed on Save & Copy. It was clear, concise, and always worked the same way. Happily, with the newly improved brain in 7.3 we now have the information we need to properly and accurately fill generated passwords. When you are on a page with a password field the button will read Save & Fill, otherwise you will see Save & Copy.

Why do I have to start on Suggestions?

We realize not everyone uses 1Password mini the same way, and there are those of you who use it more like a bookmark manager. Using the aforementioned Mini preference pane you can now dictate where you start when you bring up mini: All Items, Favorites, or Suggestions

We hope these improvements strike the right balance for you, but if not please sound off in a new topic. As always, we thank you for helping make 1Password better.


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