1password on iPod touch no longer synching with Wi-fi

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I just discovered that my ipod has not synched with my desktop for 20 weeks. It used to happen automatically. 1Pass on the desktop sees my ipod but says that its Wifi status is offline. No so. What's changed with 1Password (I have the latest versions) that would cause this?


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    Thanks for asking about this. The reason is related to some security improvements that require a one-time re-authentication for Wi-Fi syncing. In case you missed the relevant blog post:


    There was a long section on the "inconsequential" changes to Wi-Fi sync, but we had to cut it for length.

    The way that 1Password on Mac recognizes a phone for Wi-Fi sync that it has talked to before involve the 1Password on the phone providing a unique identifier. That used to be based on the device UDID. Now it is based on a random number.

    It was nothing you did (unless you count updating to the current version of 1Password for iOS), and it will not be an ongoing affair. Just remove the old device and re-authenticate to get back to your regularly scheduled life. :)

    I would also be remiss if I didn't at least mention our recommended sync solution. 1Password provides a method of syncing that is fully automatic and does not require you to even be near your computer.

    With Dropbox syncing, you can keep 1Password up to date from across town or across the country — anywhere you have an Internet connection. You Mac doesn't even have to be turned on!


    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!
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