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New User - Several Questions

So, I am trying 1Password as a replacement for KeePass because I am now using a mixed Win7 Lion environment. Currently I am using KeePass 2 on my Windows machines with an export script to KeePass 1 that runs on database save. Then I am using KeePassX on Lion. Because of the limitations of the KP1 database, the Mac is read-only. That is the main reason I am looking at alternate solutions.

I am looking into using 1Password as a native solution on both sides, but I have ran into some issues.

1. There is no import for KeePass 2 into 1Password. My workaround was to export the KP2 DB to KP1 and then use KeePassX to export to plaintext, then use 1Password on the Mac to import the file. It did work, but the data is not clean. Folders were not retained completely and there is no option to customize the import as far as I can see.

2. In 1Password for Windows, there is an option to change the double-click behavior to edit an entry. Why is this missing in the OSX version? If it is available some other way, could someone please let me know?

3. When the dialog pops up to select a login in your browser, it lists the matching items just by the title. It does not list the username. Is there any way to change this? There are many sites where I have different logins based on customer.

Basically, my questions boil down to this.

Is 1Password customizable any more than the preferences panes indicates? If so, how do I do it?


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    Welcome to the forums, ajvester! Thanks for considering 1Password. :)

    1. You might even try a good ol' fashioned CSV import if KeePass 1/2/X will export to CSV. That may give you some more options for mapping fields. Please note, however, that all data will be imported as either Login or Secure Note items.

    2. You can double-click anywhere in the item details area to begin editing an item in 1Password for Mac. The option in 1Password for Windows is sort of a hold-over. It used to be the only option, but the ability to double-click a Login item and log into a website was added to 1Password for Windows to match the behavior in 1Password for Mac. We're working to bring both applications to feature parity.

    3. You can use any title you wish for the Login item. I have several like "Bank - Personal" and "Bank - Work", that way you can tell items apart without even revealing the username in the UI. Of course, this also gives you the freedom to include the username if you prefer. But it is a way to distinguish Logins without revealing the username.

    Is 1Password customizable any more than the preferences panes indicates? If so, how do I do it?

    I think I was following you up until this point. Without knowing what you're looking for, it may be hard to answer that question. What, specifically, are you looking for? I'd be happy to provide as much information as possible. :)

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