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Restoring 1Password Backup File - Keeps reverting to present state

I'm in the process of trying to merge two 1Password databases. I did something wrong, such that after the import, all my passwords were blank (realized this when the password strength field was all red!). Restored the primary database from backup, and I'm back to before the merge successfully there.

However, on the second database, I'm running into something weird -- when I restore it from backup, it momentarily lists the 26 or so objects from the backup, then a few seconds later includes all the exported objects from the first database. I thought perhaps it was syncing from Dropbox, so I disabled drop box sync (then unlinked the computer and delete the entire folder), but still upon restoring from backup these "later" imported objects appear without request.

Am I doing something wrong? I'm trying to get back to the pre-merge state, so that I can start over and re-export just the 26 or so objects into the first, larger database, but the presence of the merged records is making this challenging. What would cause a restored backup to change spontaneously like that?



  • khadkhad Social Choreographer
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    The only way to merge is to export all the data from one data file to 1PIF and then import into the other data file. If you try to merge them in the filesystem the encryption keys may get mixed up and one will not work with the data in the other file.

    That sounds like what may be happening in your case. Make sure both data files are located in different folders just to be sure and that you are not using Dropbox syncing.

    Let me know how it goes.
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