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How To: Update a Login's Password

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So like many of you I was forced to change my linkedin password again (stupid linkedin)... I already had a 'linkedin' entry in 1p, with a title of "" and a url of ""

Well the chrome 1p extension asked me to save a new password after I "saved" my password. Well instead of saving to the existing entry I get a new one. This time with the url of "<string>&ut=<string&gt;" and NO USERNAME.

Total bummer!

So yes, are you going to tell me that the form didnt include my username? Or something like that? Well, that is an irrelevant internal implementation point, 1password NEEDS TO FIGURE THIS OUT.

This is a reoccurring theme with 1p. Another element is uncertainty that 1password will save my autogenerated password. Once upon a time 1p lost a password. Sure it was like 1-2 years ago, sure there might have been a whole multi-step password, but the reality is _I LOST A PASSWORD_. I'm wary to use the password generation now - i usually paste it into a text doc. Probably should beef up that UX.

Version 3.9.4 (build #39499) - Released on 2012-04-09


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    Welcome to the forums, ryanobjc! There is definitely room for improvement in the password update mechanism. This is something we are very keen on. When updating a password for an existing Login, please follow the steps in this support article:

    Generated Passwords are always saved when you click the "Fill" button (or the "Save" button in the main application). In the extension, click the "View password history" button while viewing the login page at the site where you generated the password. Your most recently generated password will be listed at the top where you can fill it with a single click.

    You can also view a complete list of all of your Generated Passwords (for all domains) in the main application:

    Preferences > General > Display in Sidebar > Generated Passwords

    It is possible to delete Generated Passwords from the main application, so if you deleted one it will be in your trash (unless you also emptied the trash), but we recommend leaving them all as a safety net.

    Again, we are definitely working to improve the workflow, but no Generated Password should ever be lost if you clicked the "Fill" button in the extension or "Save" button in the main app. If you can reproduce a problem with that we would love to know the steps to reproduce so we can immediately fix it.
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