Where is the "Password Category?"

I see something like that under New Item but it's empty. Do you have a screen shot of what this category might look like and what the entries represent?

1Password Version: 7.3.684
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Win 10
Sync Type: Not Provided
Referrer: forum-search:What does it mean to "choose the Password Category?" I don't see a Category named Password.


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    There are certain categories that will display in your sidebar whether you have any items of that type or not, @Curleymeister, but others will just not be there unless and until you create an item in that category. Logins, Secure Notes, Credit Cards and Identities will show up regardless. Passwords won't show up until you have a Password item. Some folks will create Password items themselves, but most of us will only have Password items that 1Password creates automatically. I'm in the camp that doesn't really use Password items outside those automatically created. Logins just work better for me since it's where I look for passwords, even if that password doesn't have an associated username, like my garage door code, but to each their own.

    So, when the heck are Password items created? These are used as "backups" essentially. When you generate a password using the Secure Password Generator and that password to your clipboard, 1Password saves it in a Password item and gives it a title that represents the site you generated it on. This way, if you use that generated password to change a password on a website and, heaven forbid, your Login item for that site doesn't get updated properly, you've still got that password handy. If you'd like to see how that works, go ahead and use the Secure Password Generator to generate a password, then click "copy", Go back to your desktop app and you'll see a Password item waiting for you. You can learn more about changing your passwords to make them strong (which generates those Password items in the process) here:


    And, of course, if I can do anything more to help, you know where to find me. :chuffed:

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