Can't copy passwords from within Chrome extension?

I've been looking all over the forums to troubleshoot this problem, but although there are plenty of people having trouble copying and pasting their passwords, they all get at least one step further than me; I can't even find an option to copy in the first place!

1Password is working fine when autocompleting details online, but I'm unable to reveal or copy my passwords when I need them for a desktop app or a different device (a particularly big issue if I've used 1Password to generate a secure password for me in the first place, so I have no chance of remembering it).

I'm accessing 1Password as part of a work team. When I sign in to the browser extension on Chrome I just see a list of all my saved items - selecting one shows me my username and a censored password. From there I can go to the web page and autocomplete my details, and no other options: there's no way to interact with the censored password to reveal or copy it manually. Is this deliberate, or a problem with my extension?

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  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    1Password for Windows doesn't show you the item details in 1Password mini, @Joseph_SINC, so I'd guess you're using 1Password X in your browser, is that correct? If you right-click the 1Password icon, it'll show you the full name of the extension in the context menu. I mention this not because I think it's the source of your problem, but because a lot of what you might have found here will be referencing the companion extension and thus won't apply to you.

    With that said, if you're using 1Password as part of a 1Password Teams or Business account, I'd wager this is likely the result of your permissions in the vault you're using. With 1Password Teams and Business, your team or business admin is able to set specific permissions on a per vault basis that dictate what you're allowed to do in 1Password. One of those is the View and copy passwords permission. If you don't have this (as you may be able to guess), you won't be able to view, reveal or copy passwords – just fill them. You can get an overview of vault permissions here, but you'll need to ask your team or business administrator about what permissions you have in that vault and ask them to change those permissions if the limitations are getting in the way of your work.

  • Thanks @bundtkate - yes, it appears I'm using 1Password X (I assumed from the descriptions elsewhere that I was in Mini).

    Well, this is annoying as my team lead is on annual leave and I think he's our only admin! Guess I'll just wait it out for a week or two...

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    @Joseph_SINC: They always do that, don't they? :tongue: I've been there. :lol: For what it's worth though, just to make sure it's not a bug, you could try doing it in the 1Password desktop app, or the web interface in your browser. If you're not able to copy from those either, then Kate is probably right and we've just got to wait a bit, but let me know what you find. :)

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