I saw the blog post about Surface - are you planning an arm64 version for Surface Pro X?

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Subject says most of it - could use a native Windows 10 on Arm64 version of 1Password (and lots of other apps)

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  • brentybrenty

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    We don't have anything to announce at this time. We'll see how it goes, and perhaps by the time WPF and other Windows development tools are up to speed on ARM64 there will be more to discuss. :)

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    Thanks for writing in.

    Just to clarify, WPF is Microsoft's UI library that we use to render our app's interface and at the moment, the version we use isn't available for ARM64. There's no timeframe on when it is coming.

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    Thanks team. At the moment I'm using 1PasswordX in Edge Chromium Canary (ARM64 native) browser as a workaround which is running smooth as silk on my Surface Pro X. Unfortunately no Windows Hello support nor system wide support (ie it only works in browser).

    1Password 7 is sluggish and borderline usable/unusable. I have it as a backup but it's painful. Anything you can do to get this supported is appreciated as it's the only app I use regularly that doesn't work well.

    Edit: Looks like WPF developers have it in their 5.0 Milestones. https://github.com/dotnet/wpf/milestone/5


  • brentybrenty

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    That's been our experience with ARM64 on Windows as well. Don't hold your breath. "Due by November 29, 2020 17% complete" means we all have some waiting to do. :+1:

  • scrytchscrytch Junior Member

    Any chance you could make a UWP "stub" that used 1Password X as it's data source? Wouldn't be as feature rich as a standalone app but at least I'd be able to access my passwords faster. ??

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    We have a bit of a sour taste in our mouth over those sorts of half measures, @scrytch, as we've tried a few things in that vein in the past and it has generally caused more fuss than anything else. The biggest fuss is fragmentation. If we implement something as a workaround for now, folks start using it and, depending on how closely they monitor things, they don't always switch back to the real thing when it's ready. We (reasonably I think) stop maintaining the workaround and do our best to tell people to please, for the love of all things, switch back to the real thing now. Some do, some don't, then folks show up in my inbox months later because they've realized what they did after they ended up losing data or something.

    Beyond that, though, I don't know that using 1Password X for a data source is even technically possible. At the moment, 1Password 7 itself doesn't even communicate with 1Password X so doing the work to make anything on Windows do that is a larger project in itself. We also want to have 1Password 7 be able to do that down the line, so if we do it, we're likely to do that work actually in the desktop app first. And even then, I believe most ideas about that implementation have the desktop app independently maintaining its own data and only really communicating with 1Password X for the purpose of using things like Windows Hello and sharing a lock state between app and extension.

    In short, I just don't really see a low effort option for the interim between now and WPF supporting ARM. When things aren't working well for you, I know waiting until November seems like a long time, but I'm not sure we could toss together something workable any faster. And even if there were such a thing, it comes with risks I don't know that we'd be willing to accept. If one presents itself, I'm sure we'd consider it, but I'd have to be with brenty on this one – I wouldn't hold my breath. Keep an eye on that 5.0 milestone and hope they gave themselves a bit too much leeway and if we find a better solution in the meantime, we'll definitely let y'all know. :chuffed:

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