Is there a way to assign Vault permissions to a role?

Hello! 1Password for Teams / Business Admin here. We just switched over to this system and I was reaching out to see if there was a way that I could assign specific Vault permissions (for example: edit items, create items, view items, view and copy passwords, view item history) to a Custom Role that I could then assign to any person for any new vault created going forward. I am looking to create two roles in this way if that's possible, one for the "owner" of the group (with more permissions) and one for a standard user.

We are going to be creating new vaults periodically with many members getting access to these vaults, and want an easier way to administrate these permissions.

I don't want to define it as a group, because I am looking to have these permissions to be assigned to the people themselves within a vault, as opposed to the group having access and permissions to any vault assigned to the group.


  • not everyone will have access to the same vaults
  • some people might be "owners" of some vaults but "standard users" in others
  • looking to find a streamlined way to do this so that these don't need to be manually applied each time through the checkboxes (otherwise my team will be manually sorting through tens of thousands of checks based on our scope)

Not sure if this is something available or if anyone has had any success making something like this work!

TL:DR, looking to see if i can make a custom category on this drop down to make it easier to select the permissions needed when scoped to an enterprise solution level.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @daneyyy: Thanks for getting in touch! I'm sorry for the delay getting back to you. It's may be a lot to absorb at first, but if I understand you correctly you should be able to accomplish that using groups:

    Use custom groups in 1Password Business

    That allows you to set permissions for the group, grant group access to specific vaults, etc. Does that help?

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