1Password does not register ID and password in gmail; does have addons.

Tried in Chrome and Firefox, does not register ask or can't add.
Using French version of Windows 10 up to date; browsers also in french mode.

1Password Version: 7.3.712
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided
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    Hi @BenoitTheroux! Welcome to the forum!

    I noticed that you haven't written what version of the 1Password browser extension you are using in Chrome and Firefox. Can you confirm that you have installed that too? Without it, 1Password won't be able to fill your credentials, so I wonder if this is why this is happening on your computer.

  • On Chrome I de-installed and re-installed: Version
    On Firefox:

    I simply log into gmail and it let me log in and 1Password add on do nothing.

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    This may seem a silly question, @BenoitTheroux, but are you having to go through a sign-in screen to access Gmail where your username and password are requested? Most sites, Gmail included, have the option to remember you for a time. 1Password recognizes that you've signed in to a new account by "reading" the page and seeing the code that indicates a sign-in form. This step will be skipped if the site remembers you, so 1Password has no way of knowing that you've signed into a new site. It never "sees" that sign-in form so that hint that you're logging into something new just isn't there. If you're not having to go through a sign-in screen, try signing out of Gmail, then signing back in. Does that get your Gmail Login saved?

    Alternatively, is your browser filling your username and password for you still? While this will typically cause unnecessary save prompts rather than leading to the prompt being skipped, browser filling definitely does interfere with 1Password's ability to understand when it needs to save or fill something so it can lead to some unexpected behavior. Chrome, in particular, makes it difficult to disabling filling of any passwords you've already saved with it. If you previously saved your passwords in Chrome, I'd suggest importing those passwords into 1Password, then disabling your browser's filling. You can learn more about that here:


  • Hello
    I log out and in and it does not work.
    I exported my password, chrome export to csv and 1password import is only PIF or Opvault format. No csv.

  • I did deleted the gmail password and still 1password not reacting when entering account and password.

  • I entered the password manually and after next I get to the account mail, no 1Password asking to save login like the other sites.
    I have 2 google accounts if it makes any difference with 2 passwords

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    First off, we can import Chrome's CSV, @BenoitTheroux. You do so on 1password.com – not in the desktop app. It's covered in the guide I linked above. :+1:

    As for saving, the two account issue might point to an explanation. It's been a while since I've saved my Gmail Logins, but particularly if your password for one account is the same as the other, I could see 1Password interpreting this as one you've already saved, if you've already saved one. Is that the case – the first was saved, but the other was not?

    Also, could you do me a favor and give the 1Password icon in your toolbar a click while you're on the Gmail sign-in page? Don't do anything else, just click it and let me know what you see. Any Login items suggested? Does it say "read-only" or anything like that? Let me know what you find. :chuffed:

  • For password conversion it was too long I copied all the password manually.

    I had to de-install chrome and erase all files as it was always remenbering the password and not enabling 1 password. I disable all chrome automatic password saving and history.
    Once done I started the gmail login, had to manually clic on 1P and add the gmail account, it was not working automatically.
    1password remember the username but does not register the password for gmail. Tried to click on the add-in and open the addin windows and do nothing.

    Defenitively broken, just do some testing it does not work with gmail. How do I get 1P to register and enter gmail account and password?

    GMAIL has just announce a PW manager, I disable it, seems at it is defenetively blocking 1Password. Need to fix this. When will thie be fixed?

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    To be clear, @BenoitTheroux, nothing at all happens when you click the 1Password icon in your browser? You don't see mini pop up? You can see what mini looks like here:


    If you see mini, it's just blank and not listing items, that's one thing, but if you don't see it at all, that's a different story. Let me know. :+1:

  • I manually entered the credentials to 1Password for gmail as it did not do automatically. Now I log out of 1password and gmail logs in. I do not want gmail to remember my password and I cannot find the setting. Browser password is disable it is disable in account.
    How do I prevent gmail from storing my password?

    Here is a capture of my password settings all off. 1 password log out and I still get my mail. It is like a persistant session in GMAIL. Possible to disable?

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    You'll have to forgive me as I don't speak French, @BenoitTheroux, and may be misinterpreting your screenshot as a result but based on what you shared, it seems you've got all of the settings disabled that you need to and have deleted your saved passwords which should prevent any filling from Chrome so all seems well on that front.

    As I recall, Gmail doesn't have a "remember me" checkbox like many sites to keep you signed in, but I do see that my personal Gmail exhibits the same behavior. I'm rarely prompted for my password on a device I use regularly. Looking at Google's support documentation, it doesn't appear there's any way to control the length of a session either, so I'm not certain that it can be disabled. This is based only on digging through my own account, though. I'm definitely no expert on the topic and if this is something that concerns you'd I'd recommend reaching out to Google directly. :+1:

  • It's been a while since I've saved my Gmail Logins,

    (@bundtkate do you mean saving these logins in 1P? If so can I ask why?)

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    What I mean is that I've had them in 1Password for a few years now so it's been a bit since I actually saved them. They're still there and a good thing too as anything that's not in 1Password doesn't really exist so far as I'm concerned, but if I genuinely needed to remember the process I used to save them, I'd have to redo it. Any memory I have of it has long since leaked out my ears and I'd hazard a lot has changed since then. After all, two years is a rather long time in tech years. :wink:

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