7.5.BETA-0 hangs constantly on 2 different machines, 7.4.3 is fine

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I'm not sure if this is an issue with my account specifically, but 7.5 is basically unusable for me, both on a Hackintosh (I know it's unsupported) and a 2011 Macbook Air (it's old, but the hanging pattern is almost identical). Hanging usually occurs when switching between login items or categories in the Watchtower section.

I deleted all AgileBits files from my Hackintosh and installed 7.4.3, everything is working like a dream now.

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  • ag_ana
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    Hi @mbesemann!

    If this happens again on the beta, can you please try quitting 1Password completely (right-click on 1Password mini in the menu bar at the top right of your screen > Quit 1Password Completely), and then relaunch 1Password and see if that helped?

  • mxhjaymems
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    @ag_ana That does not help. In addition the beta 7.5 does not work with 1Password X beta for Chrome

  • ag_tommy
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    I am running 7.5.0 and 1Password X beta in Chrome, can you describe what you see, if anything? I see quitting 1Password did not alleviate the issue. Have you quit 1Password, Chrome, and restarted the machine? If that fails to help you may wish to remove 1Password X and reinstall it?

  • jfolger
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    I came here for this exact reason. It is hanging constantly, feels like mud. I have restarted the entire OS, force-killed the processes, including the helper, another restart, etc, it keeps hanging. It will usually "catch up", but it's glaringly bad.

    1Password 7
    Version 7.5.BETA-0 (70500000)
    1Password Beta

    MacOS 10.15.4 (19E287)

  • Leask
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    Same here, how can we help to fix this issue?

  • Beta 7.5.0 beta 1 has been released. Please let us know if it helps.

  • mbesemann
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    @ag_tommy so far so good! There still seems to be a slight hesitation when flipping between login items but it's nowhere near as bad as it was before.

  • ag_tommy
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    Thanks for the update, it's still a very young beta. Hopefully, things will only get better. :)

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