Does SCIM bridge support Enforced 2FA

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Do the newer versions of the scim bridge allow the enforcement of 2FA yet?

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @mjurczyk

    We don't have anything for this at the moment, though this is a problem we'd like to address. I'd recommend reaching out to your account rep directly (or our business team at [email protected] if you aren't sure who that is) to let them know of your interest in this. That way we can get you on the list to notify if/when a solution does become available.



  • graham_1Pgraham_1P

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    Just a quick note for this well-viewed thread:

    The SCIM Bridge does not interfere with the use of MFA on an account. However at this time it interferes with 1Password Advanced Protection feature to do automatic enforcement of a MFA policy. A proper fix to this conflict is currently in active development.

    Editing the title of this thread to reflect this clarification.


  • Any update on this? Having to leave 2fa enforcement off makes for a frequently IT headache of bugging new hires to enable 2fa and double checking that no one turned it off.

  • Hi @travis_gravitational ,

    I completely hear and understand the problem you have. I agree it is a headache.

    We have been hard at work on fixing the problem and our solution is in its final testing phase. Look for some news in the near future. For now, I cannot be more specific as to timelines. We will update this thread when the solution is released.


  • ag_audreyag_audrey

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    Hello everyone!

    We're super excited to announce that 1Password now supports enforced two-factor authentication while using automated provisioning 🎉

    You can read more about enforced MFA and our other new features in our blog post:

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