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[Appearance Updates]: Small Changes on Windows 10

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Hi team!

First of all, allow me to say that I am new to 1Password and I am loving the app. I use it on Windows, Mac OS and iOS.

The only thing I miss is more dedication to Windows interface. This may be just an impression but Mac OS interface seems more refined. I noticed some things and I would like to suggest some changes for Windows 10:
1. Dark theme (I know this has been mentioned before on several threads).
2. Update icon on Start: When you chose a bigger tile for 1Password application, the icon is kept in its small form. As an example, take a look at Firefox's icon. If you resize the tile of Firefox application, it gets bigger, looking more aligned with the overall interface.
3. Icon size: If you compare the size of the icon with any other application (Spotify, Office, Edge etc.) the icon size looks small. Try pinning 1Password to the taskbar and comparing to any of the applications mentioned. My suggestion is to slightly increase the icon size to match the rest of the interface.

Thank you! :chuffed:
Andre Julius

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    1Password for Mac has, indeed, has a bit more time to mature, @andrejulius. While it's seen several major version updates over the years, each has been built on the foundation of the last ever since 1Password 4 for Mac. 1Password 4 for Windows, on the other hand, was built on some technologies that didn't end up aging well so it got a full rework with 1Password 6 for Windows. That was really awesome as it gave us the freedom to do things differently and make a lot of improvements we might not have been able to make were we still handcuffed to the past, but it does leave us playing a bit of catch-up as we build out the new and improved version of everything.

    With that said, we've made some leaps and bounds from 1Password 6 for sure and I think we are genuinely reaching the end of the line with bringing the old into the modern age so we should start having more time for details like these before too long. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and I'll be sure to pass it along to the team. :chuffed:

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