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Which field appears in second line of items in lists?

Is there a list of what field the second line pulls from for each item type? I've been trying to figure out the best type for some items. The details shown in the second line affect my decision. I've been trying to figure it out on my own, but it's tedious and I don't know if there are situations that change how it appears.

The second line of login items shows the username. For database items, however, the second line shows the server. This is useless to me as every single one is localhost. I would prefer to see the username (first choice) or database (second choice) in the second line. I do use the title to give some identifying info, but I don't want to duplicate everything in the title.

I discovered that I can change the label of the server field and use it for username to get what I want. Are there potential negative consequences to this workaround?

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    Generally speaking, @toxalot, there really isn't much risk of future issues with a database item. The harm we're generally worried about is breaking filling and database items aren't fillable anyway so they'll continue to serve their purpose of containing the information you need no matter how you modify the labels. 1Password itself also doesn't give much of a hoot about labels either. It's worried about the field type and what part of the template that field represents. The labels are there for you, not for it, so you can usually muck with them however you'd like without breaking or changing anything beyond the label itself. What could impact what displays in your item list, however, is changing that field type. Changing the field type transforms it from a template field into a custom field and since 1Password does care about fields being part of the template, I could see that changing the behavior. 1Password makes some assumptions about what that data is and how to display it based on that field type so I'd expect it to bail out of showing in the item list if the type changes.

    As for what shows there, I actually don't think I have an exhaustive list handy, but I can say in general that it's meant to be the "primary" field for that item type. So, Credit Cards get the CC number, Identities get the first and last name, Drivers Licenses get the DL number, etc. Databases and the like are less obvious and sadly not ones I can rattle off without doing probably the same experimenting you were. With that said, I think the best thing to do here is to pick the item type that has a spot for the types of data you want to store – or comes the closest so you're creating fewer custom fields. From there, you can find what's showing in the item list, change that label, and put the data you want to show up in the list there regardless of what it is. So long as you don't change the field type, you'll not have any trouble so seems to me the simplest path forward is to ignore what 1Password wants you to put there and do what you prefer. After all, templates are meant as guidelines, not hard and fast rules. :wink:

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