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Line endings lost when pasting my Sublime Merge license key

All the line endings are lost when I paste my Sublime Merge license key in 1P, which makes it invalid when I later try to use it from 1P -> another machine. Really annoying, forces me to reformat the key in Notepad whenever I need to use it. The key looks something like this:

----- BEGIN LICENSE -----
Laurent Fxxxxxxxx
Single User License
8Y48AD77 847X3668 X6627966 77DD7DA3
AX4E2786 AY66X2Y7 4E766DCE 2XDA6EE3
YFX39X99 7Y38D6FC 4X682926 C74X8392
72662D48 48C699E3 YYC46E9F DA3668Y8
X4896429 XF76F4F6 26E29E76 DE768XF2
793F38FE 6C7396E8 67893EE4 69666A39
------ END LICENSE ------

In 1P, everything gets squashed to a single line.
I think this is a major bug. Could we please get it fixed?



1Password Version: 7.4.767
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: 1Password sync
Referrer: forum-search:line endings


  • BlakeBlake

    Team Member

    Hey there @laufont 👋

    Can you tell me more about how you're saving this within 1Password? What kind of item did you save this particular license as?

  • laufontlaufont
    Community Member

    License key, via Copy-paste. I think Secure Note had the same issue but I'm not on that machine at the moment, so I can't confirm.
    I read in other threads that there's a markdown on/off option but I didn't see that preference with the Windows version.

  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member
    edited May 2020

    Thanks, @laufont! So I gave this a test and I think the issue is only with the initial paste into the License Key field. It does eat line breaks (and shouldn't), but if you add them back in 1Password, they persist and copy/paste into other applications properly after you save. I am absolutely going to pass this along to our development team, but in the meantime, if you edit the Software License item and put those line breaks back, you can trade reformatting it every time for reformatting it just the once and never again. :+1:

  • laufontlaufont
    Community Member

    OK. Glad you could re-create the issue. It would be great if this could get fixed at some point. :)
    Thanks again.

  • ag_anaag_ana
    1Password Alumni

    You are welcome @laufont! If you have any other questions or reports, please feel free to reach out anytime.

    Have a wonderful day :)

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