[Feature request] Show item-properties directly in the right-click menu for non-login-items

Hey there,

I revamped my vaults items, as I moved to the subscription model lately,
and there I thought about moving some of the login items to (what they actually are) Database- or Server-items.

But there was a main blocker to do this:

I don't really like this extra layer in the right-click menu which has to be opened before I get to the username and password.
I know this is really picky, but it held me back from recreating them as Database- or Server-items (or actually recreated the ones which I started to create with these item types, because I needed the credentials so often).

So my question is... is it possible to show the main properties (in the white box) or at least the username and password on the first layer of the right-click menu? :blush:

As everytime, thank you for your great work! :chuffed:


1Password Version: 7.6.776
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 2004 19041.329
Sync Type: my.1password.com


  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    I can certainly pass along that suggestion, @lumarel. While we're here, though, I noticed your screenshot is from the main app so I assume you're filling somewhere other than a browser here. You know you can drag and drop that data from the main app to wherever, right? There's still absolutely a use-case for right-click since you need to drag from that menu in mini which I do a ton, but in the meantime, you could totally skip the right-click entirely if you're filling from the main app. Just a tip in case it helps. :chuffed:

  • lumarellumarel
    edited June 2020

    Hey @bundtkate,

    Thank you for the fast reply :chuffed:
    And thank you for considering (or putting it on a need-to-discuss-list) this!

    Yes I know that I can drag-and-drop the properties from the main 1Password window, thank you for bringing that up :)
    I actually only put the screenshot from the main window in there because it also shows the properties in a more detailed form :+1:
    Normally my use case there is to press the "Open 1Password mini" shortcut, search, right-click the item and drag the credential properties in the Remote Desktop sessions (or windows login forms), in which the actual credential fields are.
    Since the feature was built in in the last minor version I got really in a special love with it because it makes everything so ridiculously fast to fill in (if it is no browser window on the main machine)!

    This one mouse-movement more just blocks me from using the (actually) right item for these items :chuffed:

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    Gotcha, @lumarel, thanks for the additional detail. I won't make any promises because mini generally is something that's been on the list for a while without ever making it to the point of getting the attention it needs, but it's one of those things we'll have to tackle sooner or later and this is definitely a good thing to have in mind. :chuffed:

  • Really no problem @bundtkate, it's just a feature request :chuffed:

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    Oh, I know, @lumarel, and I don't think you're being pushy or anything. Just a long-learned habit of making sure to set expectations, especially here where others might come across this thread in the future. You've always been nothing but helpful and understanding, though. Never change, yea? :wink:

  • Ah yeah, can't deny that this is helpful for others @bundtkate :+1:
    Off course not, had a lot of great time here (with debugging and requesting), so this can go on like that in the future as well :chuffed:

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    Well I, for one, look forward to many more debugging sessions to come and am thrilled you're enjoying it. Cheers! 🍻

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