Question Confusing first setup with v3.5 and Dropbox. Cannot sync.

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I've been using 1Password desktop Mac and syncing with Dropbox for a few months. Just updated this morning to v3.3.0

I just bought 1Password Pro 3.5 for my iPhone 4. When I first launch it, it requires a 4-digit password and then a master alpha password.

I go to your app's Dropbox Sync. It wants my Dropbox email and password. I put it in and now it says it can't sync because my master password is wrong.

So I have to enter the master password I just made up, and THEN put in my desktop password twice. It would have been nice if it advised me to use the same password as my desktop version in the first place. It's just very confusing. And still it doesn't sync. I still don't know what it wants so I can get it to Dropbox Sync.


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    Navstar, did you get this sorted out? The master password not being accepted was a temporary problem that we believe has been resolved. Could you please completely quit the application, restart it and give it another go?
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    No, I have not.

    I have entered the iPhone app's master passcode. It then says "retreiving keys". Then I get this: "The Master Password is incorrect. Please enter the Master Password you used on the Mac or PC"

    Please note this password can be different than the password used for Dropbox, iPhone, or iPad.

    So, I'm really confused what password it wants. If I enter my Desktop App password, it won't connect (with an omninous "5 failed attempts"). If I use my iPhone app's master password it connects to Dropbox, but won't sync.
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    Since the Dropbox syncing requires access to both local and remote data it will need access to both Unlock Code and Master Password on iPhone as well as the Master Password on Mac/PC.

    On iPhone, in the beginning, you will be asked for the local master password (the master password for iPhone data):

    Then you will need to log into Dropbox with email and password so that 1Password can access your data there. You need to enter the same information you enter on http:/

    Upon successful login, 1Password will retrieve the encryption keys from the Dropbox and will ask you for the master password you used on the desktop:

    Please see the documentation for more details.

    We got a report yesterday that in some cases 1Password on iPhone fails to accept the desktop master password. This is the problem we are currently investigating:
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