unable to open my Houston Chronicle account.

It seems to be passing my info to a Hearst site to verify my information. It appears to using popups for this purpose. Anyone with Houston Chronicle login experience?

1Password Version: 7.6.779
Extension Version:
OS Version: windows v 2004
Sync Type: I presume cloud
Referrer: forum-search:Houston Chronicle


  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    Could you tell me how you're filling, @break80? Are you visiting the site first then filling from the extension (or using Ctrl + \)? Initiating a go & fill where 1Password opens the site for you and fills right away? Pop-up forms tend to cause more trouble with the latter than the former so different steps will be needed to figure out the problem, depending on your filling habits.

    Also, if you happen to be a Houston-area resident, do stay safe! Hanna may not be looking as bad as Harvey and last I heard is was aimed a bit further South, but since Harvey, I'm always worrying about my buddies down I-10 when there's trouble in the Gulf. Be careful it's headed your way. 💙

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