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The new 1Password with dropbox is fantastic!

I notice when syncing the network activity spins, but I've seen in Reeder for iPhone that it actually uses an API to change the battery icon to various syncing icons it uses (like syncing, updating images, etc) and if you tap the status bar, you get text of what is going on (which goes away once it is done)

This is very nice, tho subtle. 1Password could say "Syncing with Dropbox... 1 of 200" for example.

Nice job! I was trying out lastpass because wifi sync was too limited, but I'm back to 1password now!


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    This is very interesting. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll have to download Reeder and check it out for myself.

    Thanks for the kind words, too. We really appreciate them, and are thrilled to welcome you back. =)
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