Support for local vaults?



  • I too would gladly continue to pay for your application to continue using off line vaults (with Dropbox). I really liked 1password, I was very happy with previous versions, but I do not want my data stored in a multitenant cloud focused on security credentials or my local client even linked to/communicating with that cloud even just for authentication. I do want to be able to share vaults between devices. (it's not the cloud element that concerns me, its the lack of control over hosting) Talk about a honey pot for hackers and insider risk.

    Just because your privacy policy is ethical today, that is no protection for your customers in the future, should you change your policy, data retention standards and application code to harvest our credentials. To me it would be the equivalent of using Twitter to store passwords. Once we upload a vault to the cloud/encrypted or not, its out of our control. (many people trusted WhatsApp, and that was just messaging not passwords/identity/bank accounts)

    Please reconsider the support of local vaults with dropbox on Windows 10 PCs. I get the appeal to your company for the subscription revenue stream, but your product is security and consumer focused cloud services just have not earned that trust.

    Thank you,

  • askask Junior Member

    I have both a (enterprise/corporate) licensed version and I pay for the subscription as well for some personal use. Happy user since at least 2007!

    Requiring syncing to makes it impossible for me to use 1Password for some of my use cases, so the self-hosted option would be great so I can continue using 1Password.

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