1Password for Windows 7.6.787 Beta is out

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Hi guys,

We're continuing to focus on bug fixes and polishing 1Password from the last major release. Here is the list of bug fixes:

7.6.787 released on 10/20/2020

[FIXED] 1Password would hang when scrolling an item list that only had one item out of the scroll view. {OPW-4905}
[FIXED] Exporting Credit Card items to CSV format would incorrectly save the expiration date as 1/3/1970. {OPW-4920}
[FIXED] Updated the wordlist for the password generator. {OPW-4925}

7.6.785 released on 10/02/2020

1Password may prematurely auto-lock itself soon after unlocking due to long system uptime (49+ days) returning a result that doesn't match our conditions. {#4918}

7.6.783 released on 09/22/2020

[FIXED] Updated our 1Password Brain library to fix crashes that were introduced in the last beta update. {OPW-4914}

7.6.782 released on 09/17/2020

[IMPROVED] Updated our 1Password brain library for improved filling and saving with the 1Password extensions. {OPW-4878}
[IMPROVED] Improved our sync resilience when dealing with conflict resolution and item usage reporting. {OPW-4822}
[FIXED] 1Password incorrectly treated the version field in Software License items as timestamps to localize in the item list. {OPW-4906}

7.6.781 released on 08/13/2020

[FIXED] If Firefox's Picture in Picture window was open, using the 1Password shortcut to fill would not work. {OPW-4893}
[FIXED] Opening and filling a site from the main 1Password window would sometime trigger a loop of duplicated tabs being opened and submitted. {OPW-4889}
[FIXED] Saving multiple large Secure Note items caused 1Password to crash. {OPW-4881}
[FIXED] An unexpected sync error caused 1Password to go into a loop of attempts to resolve the sync conflict if it didn't succeed. It will now stop after the first attempt. {OPW-4896}
[FIXED] Fixed a few crashes from the submitted crash reports, thank you for submitting them! If you can reproduce a crash, do write in to us to help us fix them quickly. Crash reports are anonymous and certain crashes can be unique to your computer. {OPW-4897, OPW-4881, OPW-4895, OPW-4899}


  • MrPaulKMrPaulK
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    Using 782 on Win10-x64 (up to date), when scrolling the Software Licenses list, it hangs when I scroll down. I have 15 licenses listed. All the other lists seem fine, only that one hangs.

    I have to exit the app (close from the task bar, no forced kill necessary) and re-open. It is completely reproducible (on my machine :) ). That app is completely unresponsive, can't even move the main window.

  • GregGreg

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    @MrPaulK: If you maximise the app, does it freeze when you open that Software Licenses category? Do you remember saving any new items there recently?

    Thanks! :+1:


  • No new items in quite some time. I haven't looked there in quite some time either, soo.... could be old bug. So, some experiments (your app is unfortunate in that no one is gonna share their data much with you :) )

    1. Size window to include all items. No problem. I swished around and selected items too.
    2. Size window so only a single item is out of view. Hangs on scroll.
    3. (2), but with 2 items... doesn't hang.
    4. (2), but n items, where n is anything but 1 ...doesn't hang. 1.5 items does still hang :)
    5. (2) but change sort order so a different item is out of view. Still hangs.

    So then I went ... well, maybe it isn't about software licenses, but about one item being out of view (a pretty nice boundary condition, really). It took a bit to find a category the right size (too small, I can't get there, to big, I can't make only one out of view)... compromised websites is right. Yup, it hangs too when a single item is out of view. Now interestingly both have exactly 15 items. There are some boundary conditions associated with 15 (max number in a nibble), but would be surprised if that was part of the issue, so added entry to software licences to make it 16, same behavior (1 item out of view hangs it). As a random thing, it is very slightly delayed ... you scroll down you get a very short period where it is still responsive, but then hangs. System info available on request if related (in theory could related to video driver problem. More likely yours though :) )

    Addendum: Sometimes it seems to hang with two out of view, if I'm fooling around a lot with window size etc. But not so reproducible, so could be my imagination. 1 out of view hangs it every time though.

    Hopefully all that helps

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @MrPaulK,

    THANK YOU. I was able to reproduce it!

    We'll look into it.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi guys,

    We just shipped another bug-fix update today, I updated the original post with the changelog.

    @MrPaulK, can you give it a try and let me know if it addresses your freezing issue.

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