Bug while creating/editing item

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edited August 2020 in 1Password 7 for Windows

When I fill and erase in "website" field, the word "website" appears and I have to erase again and again. Eventually I have to write something before I erase. Seems odd that the word reappears when I erase all of it.


  • I think this is actually expected behavior, @Alexjay. The field you're editing there is the label so it's telling you what data is in that field. If you don't put in a different label, it's going to stick with the default. Below that field, of course, is where you actually enter that URL. In the case of the website field, this may not be quite as necessary as with some others. The URL itself is a bit self-explanatory. But, ultimately this is just ensuring that the field has a label, even if you don't enter one. :+1:

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