I can log into Zoom (zoom.us) on my web browser, but not when using the Zoom app

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I can use 1Password to log into my account on the Zoom website, but not when I try to open their client app. The issue is that unlike when I log in using the browser, when I open their app on my laptop (Windows 10), the option to autofill using 1Password never appears.

1Password Version: 7.6.180
Extension Version: 1.21.0
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • Hey @cyzytex 👋

    1Password isn't able to determine what particular pieces of software you have on your machine that you need to login to, so instead we introduced Drag & Drop for scenarios just like yours. Here's how you can use it!

  • Newground
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    Love 1Password and this works; however, it is not a true solution.

    This is because it's slow when joining a meeting and suddenly finding that Zoom wants you to log in. You have to open 1Password, find Zoom, then copy-n-paste each item over into Zoom.

    SUPER annoying when you're the host and everyone is waiting on you.

    Can a direct, Ctrl-\ type solution be found? Thanks!

  • zer0r00t
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    @Newground you can use 1P mini. It's faster. ctrl+alt+\ then type 'zoom' then drag and drop. Implementing system-wide autofill is not easy and requires screen/application monitoring which use more system resources than what's acceptable for a password manager

  • Well said @zer0r00t! 🙏

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