7.7 on android 11 and chrome


It seems the keyboard integration with Android 11 does not work in chrome. It works in Firefox and other apps, but not chrome. It still shows the drop-down menu before android 11.

I am also on 7.7.1 beta


  • ag_preetag_preet

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    Hi @hamedaf, it sounds like autofill in Chrome is working as expected.

    Chrome isn't reliable when it comes to using the Android API for Autofill like FireFox is, so Chrome still uses our Accessibility feature to autofill instead of using the Autofill API which allows for keyboard integration.

    Hopefully this clears things up for you. :)

  • @ag_preet Another Android 11 device here (a Pixel one). What about not showing any suggestions at all? When I try to login to https://m.facebook.com I get no suggestions whatsoever - neither on top of the keyboard (Gboard), nor as a drop-down.

  • periperi

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    @mduchev Can you let me know if you're also using Chrome? Also, do you have both Autofill and Accessibility enabled in 1Password's Autofill settings?

  • Yes, I've tried it on Chrome and I also have both settings enabled. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to happen every time, because now the autofill appeared as a drop-down. Firefox is working all the time as a keyboard suggestion. So I suppose it is indeed Chrome doing whatever it wants...

  • periperi

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    @mduchev You'll only see 1Password Login options inline above the keyboard where Autofill is supported. Unfortunately, Autofill isn't fully supported in Chrome, so our accessibility service is what fills there, which is why you're not seeing Logins in the keyboard there. You'll see this feature in Firefox, DuckDuckGo, Opera Touch, and apps that support Autofill.

  • mduchevmduchev
    edited November 2020

    @peri Thank you for the response.
    Does this mean that you are not currently supporting Chrome fully and you will be supporting it at some time in the future, or does Chrome not always reliable autofill with its own API by design?

  • periperi

    Team Member

    @mduchev We do indeed fully support Chrome. However, we can only allow filling using what is supported by a given browser. While Firefox, DuckDuckGo, and Opera Touch have support for Google's Autofill framework, unfortunately, Chrome doesn't. This means that using just Autofill isn't reliable in Chrome. Therefore, our accessibility service, which is another filling method we support, which what handles filling most of the time in Chrome.

    Two clarify, we support two different filling methods; Autofill and Accessibility. When Autofill isn't supported, Accessibility takes over. Showing passwords inline above the keyboard is a feature of Autofill, and not something that works with Accessibility. So you will only see that in the browsers that support Autofill. We do indeed hope that Chrome adds full support for Autofill in the future.

  • That you for the very quick and detailed answer. I am very shocked that Chrome doesn't attend to its own standards. Nevertheless, I've switched to Firefox and am as happy as ever. I suppose that we should just have that in mind that Chrome switched between the 2 autofill modes whenever it wants then.

  • periperi

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    @mduchev You're very welcome! To clarify, Chrome supports something called Autofill compatibly mode, which is a way to make Autofill work in some cases. We're hopping they add full Autofill support in the future, and we'll be happy to support it out of the box. In the meantime, I'm glad you're happy using Firefox and Autofill together on Android!

  • GarethW22GarethW22
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    In 7.7.3.BETA-3, the release notes mention:

    Autofill results are shown in the keyboard suggestion strip when using Chrome 89 or later on Android 11. {1345}

    I can confirm that in Chrome Canary / Dev (which is on v89) it now shows results in the keyboard suggestion strip, and I don't need accessibility on any more - it works every time :)

    One oustanding question - if I update my password, and then log in, Firefox will pop up with the autofill prompt asking me if I want to update it in 1Password. Chrome still doesn't do that. Should Chrome now be behaving like Firefox? Or do we still need Chrome to implement 'proper' autofill?

  • @peri - realised I didn't tag you in my above question.

    I also found that LastPass on Chrome 89 does give the save and update prompts, so I think it must be possible for 1Password to do that too?

  • periperi

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    Hi @GarethW22 Thanks for reaching out! Chrome doesn't support Autofill outright, but it does have support for Autofill Compatibility Mode. Previously, there were numerous problems with this, so we made the difficult decision to disable the keyboard suggestion strip feature in Chrome in order to make the filling experience a little less clunky.

    Given the recent improvements to Autofill Compatibility mode in Chrome Canary, we're more confident in it, and so we've added the keyboard suggestion strip feature back. You should see Autofill working in many cases, including to save new logins. I've just tested out saving a new Login in Chrome Canary on my end, and I was prompted to save as expected. If you're not seeing this, can you let me know what site you're having trouble with? Thanks!

  • GarethW22GarethW22
    edited December 2020

    @peri account.bbc.com is an example where I've found it not working.

    I tried both updating my password, and creating a new account with a different email address - neither gave the autofill prompt to update account or save new password respectively.

    Out of interest, do you have an example site it is working on?

    Still liking the better reliability in Chrome and the suggestion strip, even if it's not 100% there yet with saving, it's definitely an improvement!

  • periperi

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    Hey @GarethW22. I tried saving a new login at https://www.gloriafood.com/, which was just incidentally one I wanted to save, and I was prompted to save the login after entering it. I also just tried registering at account.bbc.com and was prompted to save that login as well.

    Can you try launching and unlocking 1Password, tapping Settings > Autofill, and turning Autofill off and back on?

  • GarethW22GarethW22
    edited December 2020


    I tried turning Autofill off and back on again, but I get the same results. This isn't specific to one site, it appears to be the case on any site I try in Chrome 89.

    I tried two different sets of steps:

    1) Log in with an account which isn't saved in 1Password. I'd expect Autofill to prompt with 'Save username and password to 1Password', or some kind of 1Password prompt. But nothing appears at all upon logging in.

    When following the same steps on Firefox, I get the prompt below, which works to save the password.

    2) Update the password stored in 1Password on an existing account to something that's incorrect to simulate a password change. Then attempt to log in to the site using the correct password. I'd expect an 'Update Password' prompt, but again in Chrome, nothing pops up.

    In Firefox, I get the expected prompt, and when I press Update, the password is updated in the vault to the correct one.

    Again, in Chrome, nothing pops up upon logging in.

    The part that seems to work on Chrome is the main Autofill event, where the suggestion does appear in the keyboard with just autofill on, and it fills in the username and password reliably:

    If it helps, I'm using Chrome Canary (v89.0.4368.0), on a Pixel 5 (Android 11)

  • periperi

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    Thanks for the info, @GarethW22! I'm not seeing this behavior on my end, as I'm being prompted to save and update logins in Chrome canary. But I'm going to forward this to our developers so they can look into it. Thanks for reporting!

    ref: dev/android/onepassword-android#1354

  • Thanks @peri

    If you need any more info, let me know

  • periperi

    Team Member

    Thanks, @GarethW22!

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