Still having to use Quit 1Password Completely

r8ders2kr8ders2k Junior Member
edited September 23 in Mac Beta

Even with Beta 9, and I'm still having to use Quit 1Password Completely to eliminate the Open Safari Extension Preferences.

1Password Version: 7.7.Beta-9 (70700009)
Extension Version: 7.7.Beta-9
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: iCloud


  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @r8ders2k!

    What operating system are you currently using? I know that we are aware of something like this happening on Big Sur.

  • r8ders2kr8ders2k Junior Member

    Yes, Big Sur.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    That would explain it then @r8ders2k, thank you for the confirmation :+1: Our developers are aware of this, and we will hopefully have a way to address this soon.

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