How many items can I store on 1Password?

I have many hundreds of passwords already in one vault. I am starting to get concerned that this might be too many. Although I haven't experienced any significant issues, I am just generally worried about what the limits are in 1password.

It would be nice to hear about this from the 1p-team. I am not looking for guarantees, but just in general what I should expect. 1000 entries? A million?

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  • GregGreg

    Team Member

    Hi @cawomo4008,

    We do not have any limits on your vault size, as far as I know. You can store as many items as you want, but please note that your devices might have issues processing large amounts of data in real time. Also, it is not really convenient: if you have insane amounts of items in your vault, it will be difficult to find them easily in your vault. :)

    Let me know if you have other questions, we are always ready to help. Thanks! :+1:


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