Sharing a single password/item

Hi 1password,

Would love to see this feature be finished.

It has been discussed a few times as business, as family and as a related problem (due to the underlying data-model).

The beta function of "copy" has been around 2017 and not promoted to a full feature in 3 years. Personally, I think that's okay because it's not an ideal solution to the core desire of sharing one password and keeping that sync'ed.

The current solution of sharing a copy (loss of sync) or creating a single vault for a single password (operational nightmare) loses on both fronts.

I love 1pw for family & small orgs, but our small org is growing to have a decent number of contractors. Contractors have specific functions where they don't fit into a particular org unit, but there is an org owning that pw.

I'll stick with 1pw as long as possible because I love it over LastPass on so many fronts, but the operational difficulties of sharing single passwords won't let us stay on this forever. My CEO is a LP diehard and I've been fighting him (and winning since engineering controls stuff) on this front - but that tide is starting to shift w/o this feature.

To be transparent, I'm not expecting this feature. The data model shift is too fundamental, the voices are far too few who want this, and it's been years. I'm an ardent supporter (I personally pay for the family) and I loathe LP. I just wanted to say something because I'm sad.


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