1PasswordSync folder only required if it contains your data file

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The Dropbox API creates the 1PasswordSync folder, whether you use it or not.
It cannot be deleted, but it can be hidden.
To do so, you will have to install DeveloperToolsCLI.pkg from Xcode (Mac OS Install DVD). Skip this step if you already have Xcode installed.

Next, launch Terminal and enter the following command:
SetFile -a "V" ~/Dropbox/1PasswordSync

To unhide, simply replace "V" with lowercase "v".
This can be done on any given file/folder, and will only hide it on Finder view (Terminal doesn't care for Finder attributes, neither does Dropbox website or any other non-Mac app).

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    Thank you for the tip!

    The Dropbox configuration for 1Password should now be fixed and it will not create 1PasswordSync folder anymore.
  • omeraloniomeraloni Junior Member
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    roustem wrote:
    Thank you for the tip!

    The Dropbox configuration for 1Password should now be fixed and it will not create 1PasswordSync folder anymore.

    Great! Looking forward for the next update.
  • snkhansnkhan Member
    I am using 1Password 3.3.0 but the empty sync folder still exists within the Dropbox folder. Is it safe to delete it?
  • mattbanksmattbanks Junior Member
    Just wanted to revisit this topic. I setup Dropbox sync for 1Password pretty much when I first started using it a few years back. Upgrades and versions later (I'm not using the Mac App Store version 3.9) and I still have the 1PasswordSync folder in my Dropbox. Is it safe to delete this folder without affecting the syncing?
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    Hey Matt,

    I deleted my 1PasswordSync folder a very long time ago and have only 1 issue since doing that. Its deleted and the folder shows no contents but when trying to purge the folder on the Dropbox web site. It throws an error saying it is not empty (it is btw) and to contact support for assistance.

    I never have contacted them as long as I dont see it my OCD is minimal one of these days I am going to get them to purge it. <img class=" />

    **** FOR those finding this thread we are refering to the old "1PasswordSync" folder from the early days of Dropbox syncing****

    ****Do not delete the "1Password" folder that is used for the actual syncing****
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    Whatever you do, don't delete your data file. By default it is called "[font=courier new,courier,monospace]1Password.agilekeychain"[/font]. It may be that your data file is located in a folder called "1PasswordSync". If so, you don't want to delete that folder. ;)

    If you are using 1Password 3.8 and you want to move your data file, right-click the data file path in 1Password's preferences and then select "Move Data File to Another Folder". Put it wherever you want it in your Dropbox folder — root level, subfolder, it doesn't matter.

    If you have any other empty folders such as "1PasswordSync", the choice to delete them is yours.
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