does CLI support beta feature Item sharing: send a copy of an item to a team member?



  • jbrownEP
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    That's a shame; the send a copy feature is way more useful in an enterprise scenario than the item sharing feature.

  • TimBatist
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    Hello there,

    I just read the whole conversation and I have the same problem. Our use case is that we want to automate the onboarding process for new employees. From security perspective, we want to create multiple passwords, because the users themselves are generally bad in creating strong and random passwords.
    Right now, we are generating those passwords for the user and save them in a special vault. We will use User provision to automatically invite new users when they are added to our identity provider. Then, if they accepted the link, filled in the password WE created and enabled 2FA, we want to share those items with the user.

    We are currently thinking about creating a new vault for every new user and save the items in that vault. Then, if the user is confirmed, share that vault with the user. However, we are still doubting about what to do with those vault afterwards. Are we going to let them exist somewhere, or do we have to make sure that the user will copy those items to the private vault so we can delete the general vaults.

    From our our case, as well as from many other's use cases apparently, it would indeed be much more efficient if there would be an automated "Send a copy" function in the CLI. We are aware of the feature "--share-link" flag, but we want to manage the items ourselves, instead of involving the new user to this process.

    So, in short, this is our desired workflow:

    • Generate multiple items using CLI
    • User will automatically be invited because of the SCIM bridge
    • The user has to enter the password (which we created) themselves and enable 2FA
    • When the user is confirmed, use a "Send a copy" command in CLI to share the generated items with their private vault.
  • Hey all,

    I have opened an internal ticket, to follow the progress on this feature.
    I'll let you all know when we start working on it!

    Thank you all for the amazing feedback and for your patience!
    If we can help with anything else, we're here, so do not hesitate to let us know.


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