does CLI support beta feature Item sharing: send a copy of an item to a team member?

I understand there may be some reluctance to spread support for item sharing too broadly because you may be evolving better ways to handle this problem, but item sharing could be vastly more useful and secure for us if we could invoke it from the CLI so we could build automated processes around it that do not involve human admin staff

I am wondering if the CLI tool currently supports item sharing, and if not, are you willing to add it as beta functionality until there is a better way?

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  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @paulpharr ,

    Can you please elaborate on how/why/when you'd like to share an item via the CLI? More details here would definitely help understand the use case and if this can/should be implemented :)

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    @paulpharr Perhaps you mean the --share-link flag?

    For example: op get item [item name/UID] --share-link?

    The items link is basically this feature:
    And it is also mentioned in the CLI docs:

  • Hi Ag,

    It's not sharing links - it's the send item functionality described here:

    We want to be able to create a new secure item or document, then send it to a user using the CLI, then delete it.

    An example use case is if, for example, we wanted to automatically generate a VPN certificate during our new employee onboarding process and send it from an administrative 1password account directly into the new employee's 1password vault. We can do this now in the web GUI using your beta feature, but since it needs to be done by a human, the employee needs to trust not only the system, but the human who sent it.

    If we could automate the process of creating this certificate, we could send it to the new employee and destroy it, so they are the only one who has it & no other human has ever seen it.

    Coincidentally, just a half an hour ago, another of your business users posted this question asking for exactly the same functionality for exactly the same reason:

    We have wanted this for a long time, but have never asked - primarily because it was not so important before COVID WFH. Now all of our new employee onboarding is remote & often new employees never even show up in an office. The ability to privately & securely send things straight to their 1password vault has huge benefits.



  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member

    Thanks for clarifying, Paul.

    This feature is not available in the CLI at the moment, but I'll definitely bring it up with the team and see if it can be added as a feature request!

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