Can I use 1 password on my older mac, running El Capitan, and my newer iPad, iOS 14.1?

My laptop won't run anything more recent than El Capitan so it seems that I need to use 1Password 6. Can I do that, use 1Password 7 on my iPad and have them work together?

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Referrer: forum-search:Can I use 1 password on my older mac, running El Capitan, and my newer iPad, iOS 14.1?


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    I want to take a moment to caution you that Apple no longer supports 10.11, and it's not receiving security or periodic updates. From a security standpoint, I would recommend that this machine be your first upgrade as soon as possible. Being a security-minded company, we cannot recommend that you use this machine while connected to the internet. The protection is just not there.

    Coupled with the fact that 1Password 6 ceased development several years ago now and both are no longer receiving updates, I would recommend using something new and better so that you remain protected. I can entirely sympathize with not wanting to upgrade a machine in today's world. However, that is one of the most important things you can do to ensure continued safety.

    It is currently possible to use 1Password 6 (v6.6 or later currently) with a membership. However, that may change. This probably isn't what you were hoping to hear. If the device is old enough that it will no longer run the latest operating system, it may be time to start planning for a newer model.

    1Password X might also work so long if your Mac is able to install the latest version of your chosen browser, either Firefox or Chrome.

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