Firefox extension is not working anymore

Hi There,

I installed the trial version of 1Password 7 todat after using 1Password 4 for many years.
I thougt it would be time to upgrade. Unfortunately I found out that my native language is not supported which is a real dissapointment for me. This means I will wait a bit longer. 1Password 4 has always been to my satisfaction so far.
After uninstalling 1Password 7 I noticed that the Firefox extension was greyed out and not working anymore. Probably because it was autommatically updated by 7.

So I uninstalled it and went to to download the older version (4.6.8). But this is also not working anymore. It says it is broken (see img)

Help!!! I use this daily and really want it back.

How do I get this working again?



1Password Version:
Extension Version: 4.6.8
OS Version: windows 10
Sync Type: dropbox


  • ag_anaag_ana 1Password Alumni

    Hi @wouterfj!

    The screenshot is too small to be able to read text unfortunately. What does the message say?

  • wouterfjwouterfj
    edited November 2020

    It says:

    'The add-on downloaded from this website could not be installed because it appears to be damaged.'

  • ag_anaag_ana 1Password Alumni


    Thank you! Please try these instructions and let us know if they help:

    If you see “the add-on could not be downloaded” in Firefox

  • Still no luck unfortunately.
    I get the same error.

  • Is there any news of 1password 7 coming in dutch?

  • GregGreg 1Password Alumni

    Hi @wouterfj,

    Are you able to download the latest version of 1Password extension (4.7.5) for Firefox? If you are, please try to do the following to enable Native Messaging in 1Password 4 (for Firefox and other browsers, except for Chrome):

    1) Close Firefox.
    2) Go to 1Password 4 > Help > Advanced and make sure that you have Native Messaging enabled there.
    3) Go to 1Password 4 > Help > Restart 1Password Helper.
    4) Launch Firefox and let us know if it works for you after that.


  • Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I just decided to buy the 1Password 7 stand alone version a few minutes ago.
    I use it so much that my frustration got the best of me.

    Do you know if there is any work done on a dutch version?

  • GregGreg 1Password Alumni

    Hi @wouterfj,

    Thank you for the update! Let me know if you bump into any difficulties with 1Password 7, we are always ready to help.

    As for the Dutch version: we are working really hard to make 1Password available in other languages and, for example, is available in 11 languages now. Unfortunately, Dutch is not one of them at the moment and I will forward your feedback to my team. Thanks! :+1:


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