My Last Generated password never updates

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I use the Chrome extension for 1Password. I created a new password for my bank account and expected 1Password to copy the new generated password to "Generated Passwords" in the app as soon as I hit "copy" but it didn't. After submitting, the pop-up to update my password in 1Password didn't appear, so I used "Last Generated Password" and the password that is copied is the same exact one no matter how many new ones I generate. It's definitely not the one I used for my bank account because the character amount was longer than what I chose. I've lost my bank password and now will have to call in or go to a branch to change it (I'm in Japan), which really sucks!

I upgraded Chrome today and also upgraded to Win 10 2004 before changing my bank password.

I have a corporate version provided by my company that had a license file so I can't upgrade 1Password to anything higher.

Any idea where the generated password could have gone? The only generated passwords under "Generated Passwords" in the app that got saved were from yesterday--in fact the copied "Last Generated Password" is eternally stuck as the last login I was able to save.

I saved a new login + generated password from today (I registered for this community) and it still did not replace the "Last Generated Password" matching one of my logins from yesterday.

1Password Version:
Extension Version:
OS Version: Win 10 build 2004
Sync Type: Dropbox
Chrome Version: 86.0.4240.198 (Official Build) (64-bit)


  • My original post got deleted, I'm not sure why. Sorry if I posted it in the wrong section. A notification on why it was deleted would be useful.

    I use the 1Password Chrome extension. When I select "Last Generated Password" it doesn't copy my last generated password, but one I made yesterday. I have generated quite a few passwords since yesterday and the "Last Generated Password" still hasn't changed.

    When I go to the app to see the "Generated Passwords" section, it doesn't list the one I made for my bank account today.

    "Last Generated Password" doesn't update even when I made my account for this community.

    Since I doubt I can find that password, I hope this is a useful bug report.

    Chrome Version 86.0.4240.198 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    1Password Version:
    Extension Version:
    OS Version: Win 10 build 2004
    Sync Type: Dropbox

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