Question Looking for workaround for new dropbox user

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Hello. This is my first post to the forums here. I'm hoping someone can help me find a workaround to a problem I am having...

Problem Statement

I just purchased an iPad as a present for my father and installed 1Password Pro. I would like to setup the Dropbox sync for him since he doesn't have a Mac computer. However it appears that a Mac computer must be used to first setup the Dropbox sync. It seems that I am in a Catch 22.

Possible Workaround

I have a Mac myself (I use 1Password Mac as well as 1Password for iPhone). Is it possible to get him started using my Mac? Is it possible to switch from my keychain to his keychain and back again? How would this done?


  • Michael RMichael R Junior Member
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    I just figured it out using a separate login on my Mac. I don't need help any more.
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    Thanks for updating the thread Michael
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