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Hello everyone,
dear community!

Sorry for my bad English and I'm asking from Austria.

I'm a very technically interested person and use 1password on a Windows 10 PC with Google Chrome and of course additionally
on an iPhone.

I have been interessted in Cyber Security for a long time. And in view of the Black Friday offers also with VPN software.

  • Is the use of a VPN service on a Windows PC with the internet browser Google Chrome and an Apple iPhone in
    combination with 1password **useful or does it cause any conflicts?

  • Is the use of VPN software **allowed **and permitted?

  • Can anyone tell me of a good VPN Software service that is fast, reliable and easy to use?

  • I have already read that it is an advantage, that the "kill switch" function is available.

  • But in how far is it safe to use 1password with a VPN?

  • Can the 1password data be read or anything?

I use 1password for Windows on a Windows 10 PC and in Google Chrome and on an iPhone with Safari.

Thank you in advance for the many recommendations and tips and wish you a wonderful day and a healthy time!

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  • LVP2020
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    Hello everyone,

    has no one here had any experience with VPN software on Windows with Google Chrome and 1password?

    I am looking forward to receiving field reports and tips.

  • Greg
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    Hi @LVP2020,

    It is Greg again, it is great to see that your discussion has been posted. :) :+1:

    I believe that I answered your questions about 1Password and VPN services when we talked via email, but please feel free to raise more questions there. We are always ready to help.

    As for the recommendations: there has been a good discussion about different VPN services in our forum already, so please make sure to check it out. Here it is:

    Hopefully, it will help. Thanks again!


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