generating passwords with the CLI

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A few questions regarding password generation

  • Is the "memorable" password recipe available with the CLI tool? It doesn't appear to be
  • Is there a way to generate passwords for arbitrary fields?
  • Is there a way to have op generate a password without editing an item?
    • I'd like to programmatically create a new item from a template and populate certain fields with passwords before calling op create item

I can do all of the above with an external utility or library, but it'd be nice for op to be a one-stop-shop for all your password needs.


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  • ag_yaron
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    Hey @zcutlip ,

    The CLI can generate passwords only when you interact with an item, meaning you can use the --generate-password variable when using the op add item or op edit item or op create item commands.

    Our CLI reference guide contains all the info and some examples of how to use it, and which recipe variables you can change when generating a password:

    Memorable passwords are not possible as of now, but you can control the length of a password and if it will contain digits and symbols .

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