Unable to transfer data from old version to 1Password 7

I have had 1Password since 2013 and have paid for two different licenses (due to sync issues every time I get a new device). I got a new Mac and am attempting to sync my account, however 1Password 7 is not allowing any of the methods I have tried based on recommendations from others with similar issues. I am not willing to buy yet another license or subscription, and just want to figure out how to sync my passwords from my old device (iPhone) to my new Mac.

I sync my passwords via Dropbox, however the file is in the .agilekeychain format (due to me using an old version of the app) and not the .opvault format that is now required by version 7, so it is not letting me restore the account. I can't figure out how to convert the .agilekeychain file to the new format, and unfortunately the only device I still have access to my old account is my iPhone, so I can't easily do a file search/download. In the new version 7 on my Mac I am also not shown the option to import files, so some of the solutions recommended by others are not an option.

I have tried uploading my old license files however version 7 shows an error message and will not recognize the old licenses.

I have also tried uploading backups with the backup .zip files, however version 7 also shows an error message when I try that.

Someone please help!

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 11.0.1
Sync Type: Dropbox
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  • Additional question: it looks like my old licenses will not work for version 7. Is there a way to download 1Password 6 for Mac?

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    Welcome to the forum, @lookingforhelp! All of our versions can be downloaded from the version history server, in case you need an older version for some reason. However, I would caution against using an older version of 1Password unless it is on a system which has itself remained on previous versions of everything else, including browsers and OS. There are a great number of compatibility as well as security updates that occur in newer versions, in order to maintain pace with the newer version of both OSes and browsers. 1Password 6 stopped being developed and entered legacy status when we released version 7 in May of 2018, over two and a half years ago. It has not received updates or development attention since then, and won't, absent critical security fixes. If you're still using Safari 10 or 11 on Mac over macOS High Sierra or earlier, then 1Password 6 for Mac will be what you need and your existing license for that version never expires.

    But if you've upgraded to Catalina or Big Sur, trying to use 1Password 6 for Mac will likely bring you headaches, especially if you use Safari. And the incompatibility issues will only grow over time if you keep the rest of your system updated while trying to continue to use an increasingly old piece of software - any software, including ours. To address your follow-up question as well, yes -- standalone licenses for 1Password for Mac are sold per-version, per-platform. As an entirely new, full-version upgrade, 1Password 7 for Mac requires a new purchase (or a 1password.com account) to use.

    At the very least, I'd suggest switching to the OPVault format, as the Agile Keychain format is even older than 1Password 6 for Mac, having first been developed more than ten years ago.

    But moving forward, both 1Password 7 and membership are the only real path if you intend to keep the rest of your system up to date.

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