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Hi, I am a new customer of 1Password who signed up for an individual subscription today. I have installed 1Password on all my devices (iPhone, iPad and MacBook, Chrome and safari browsers). On the iPhone there is no problem with usage. On chrome and Mac every time I reboot my pc or close chrome, it prompts me for the password every time and is very inconvenient. I have also disabled auto lock but it doesn't work. What can I do to not enter the password every time?
I look forward to your kind response.
Best regards,
Vittorio Maria Stano

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    Hey @stano_vittorio ,
    Welcome to 1Password! :)

    As a security oriented software company, our main goal is to keep users data and privacy safe. Some of our security mechanisms are an integral part of our apps and cannot be changed. For example, 1Password will lock up whenever you restart/shut down your device (whether it is your phone or computer or tablet). That's important, because our apps can't tell what happened during that downtime.

    1Password X in your browser is a standalone app that is bound to the browser, so when you close Chrome, for 1Password X it is like you restarted/shut down the computer because it has no way of tracking changes - it is terminated as soon as Chrome closes. The auto-lock settings only take effect while Chrome is running and 1Password X can keep track of things.

    There are a few things you can do to better your experience:
    1. Keep Chrome running (e.g. only close it with the red X button on the top left corner of Chrome and do not Quit Chrome). That way the auto-lock settings will take place.
    2. Change your Master Password to something that is easy to remember and type, but still strong and secure enough, like a memorable password:
    3. Remove 1Password X from your browser and install our old companion extension instead, which connects to the desktop app of 1Password and will remain unlocked for as long as the desktop app is unlocked. You can download it from here:

    Keep in mind that we do not recommend leaving 1Password unlocked constantly. It is best to let it lock up if you're not using it for a certain period of time :)

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