1password not recognizing a login page

My local organization announced a new login is required. About the organization, the username and password were predetermined by the organization. I went to the login page and entered the new information but 1P does not seem to recognize the page as a login page. So I created a login manually, but 1P still has same behavior. The behavior is the same on my iPhone.

Any idea what could be going on? A workaround?

1Password Version: 7.6.787
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 latest
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • I would add that the username and password are not called that. They are Last Name and GHIN Number.

  • I went back to an email exchange I had with Yaron last May where I had a similar problem with a different website. At that time he told me the login fields were actually simple text fields so 1P did not recognize them. He gave me link to a reference on how to create a login manually and how to fill in the data. I followed his directions and successfully created the link.

    This time, on a different website, those directions did not work for me. I checked to be sure I did not have duplicated item names. However the login field names for the last May website and this new website are nearly the same: Last Name: and GHIN Number:. The difference is only the colon (:) following the field name.

    I will send Yaron an email with this new site and information and ask him to kindly review.


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    Hey again, @break80 👋

    If you've already sent Yaron an email regarding the questions here, could you post the Support ID you should've receive in an automatic reply to your email?

    It should look something like [ABC-12345-678] -- just drop it in a reply below so we can link the two conversations up on our side, and we will continue our conversation via email. 😊

  • CTL-46779-291

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    Thanks! I see we're in contact via email, so we will continue our conversation there. 💙

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