My settings will not stay the way I set them

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I use 1PasswordX using Firefox (84.0.2) on MacBook with OS Big Sur 11.1. (all latest version). I also have 1password installed on my iPhone and iPad, but can’t find where the version is.

Randomly, my saved settings change to the default settings. When I want to change these, I'm taken to moz-extension://(xxxxxxxxxxxxx)/app/app.html#/page/settings. I used to think I was making these changes online as the browser took me there. I open the extension, click on settings, click on settings once again (why?) to change these.

Here are the changes I make.

  • Lock after system is idle_ (from default of 10 to 180)_
  • Check for vulnerable passwords (from default of off to on)
  • Make 1Password the default password manager_ (from default of off to on)_

I’m the only user of my computer. Sometime later, I fill find all these settings reverted. Sometimes the changes will stay for a day or so, other times for a few hours. What is happening? Might it have to do with rebooting or cache clearing? Another extension? Keebler Elves? Sleepwalking in an Ambien daze? Skippy, my evil twin?


1Password Version: ? na
Extension Version:
OS Version: osx big sur 11.1
Sync Type: ?


  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @senioruserfriendly!

    Might it have to do with rebooting or cache clearing? Another extension?

    Both of these could be causing what you are seeing. Is your browser set to delete history, cache or cookies upon quitting perhaps?

  • I have to delete the cache in firefox fairly often. Or reboot the computer when everything slows down. I thinik I can exclude some things. I'm not sure if this is on a "site." How can I exclude this?

  • I'm looking at the other things on this page:

    • default password program,
    • default locking time,
    • language,
    • shortcut key,
    • autofill,
    • which account I use, and more.

      I **THINK **this is on the website and not my mac because it displays the url of
      moz-extension://~~~~~/app/app.html#/page/settings (or is this on my mac?)

    I'm not a programmer, but doesn't the cache hold information to display quickly and information so the website knows it is me?

    I could see that deleting a cache would make some information appear more slowly or for a website to ask for my id/pwd again.

    I'm not saying you're wrong....does deleting a cache would CHANGE data?

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member

    Hey @senioruserfriendly ,

    1Password X stores data in your browser's localstorage, which is cleared when you clear cache and cookies. There's no real way around it because that's the only place an extension can store information in Firefox.

    Every time you clear your browser's cache and cookies you will reset 1Password X's settings.
    The URL moz-extension://~~~~~/app/app.html#/page/settings is local in your browser (that is stored on your computer) and not online.

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