Unexpected Offline Changes Behaviour

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  • When the application starts or if I edit any existing item, I always see "Offline Changes 121".

    On the previous version this only displayed 1 when I edited something.
    I can't recall what it previously displayed on startup though.

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    @Swivel_Eyes Thanks so much for writing in with this! Once you've finished updating a given entry and have saved it, does 1Password still continue to say "Offline Changes - (121)"? Or does it revert back to zero?

  • No, it disappears as normal as part of its syncing process ...

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    Thanks for the additional info! I'm not able to reproduce this on my end, so I'd like to take a deeper look at the logs - let's continue the conversation through email. Could you generate a diagnostics report, and attach it to an email to [email protected]?

    Generate a Diagnostics Report

    Once you've emailed in, you should receive a Conversation ID - it should look something like this: [ABC-12345-678]. Could you paste that code here? It will help me track down your email, and we can get to work. Thanks @Swivel_Eyes!

    P.S. I've split this conversation off into its own thread. :+1:

  • Done ..

    Verification ID = [#KXX-85636-677]

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    Thanks so much! I've tracked down your email from my end and have reached out there. :smile::+1:

  • @Swivel_Eyes this is expected, recent update of 1Password for Windows detects old documents/icons that were uploaded before we started to add "signing keys" to that data. When that happens, app adds that information and that causes some items to become changed and saved. It should be one time data maintenance.

  • Sergy,

    Sorry, I don't understand what that means.
    Are you saying that the 121 number is a one off event (which it doesn't seem to be) ?
    Are you saying that 121 will eventually decline to zero ?
    Are you saying that this will be fixed in a future update ?

  • I meant that your 1Password found 121 items where it could add signing keys (they are used to do integrity checks). It is expected to change these 121 items one time (you are noticing them in offline changes) and next time it syncs, it is expected to decline to zero.

  • @Swivel_Eyes if you are observing that 121 coming back over and over, lets work with @Dayton_ag in email thread to figure out what prevents changes from persisting.

  • OK, a new day, so after a clean reboot I see "Offline Changes 121" on staring the application.
    However, if I modify an item and save, I now see "Offline Changes 122".
    If I repeatedly lock and unlock the application, I see "Offline Changes 122" on unlock and edit/save.

    If I reboot again, I see "Offline Changes 121" on startup but "Offline Changes 122" on edit/save

    I'm getting the impression that this activity is something that would normally be hidden, but somehow crept into the limelight ..

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    @Swivel_Eyes let's move this to the email conversation to avoid duplicating our efforts to help. We'll follow up in your email as soon as we finish reading your report.


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    Hi @Swivel_Eyes,

    Please check for an update, we think 7.6.791 will fix this issue.

  • Mike,

    Thanks for the update.

    Things are working as they should both on startup and using lock/unlock ....

  • @Swivel_Eyes great, thanks for letting us know!

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