Why does 1Password want to connect to ad.doubleclick.net

Little Snitch alerted me that 1Password was trying to create an outbound connection to ad.doubleclick.net. Of course I denied it, but why is the applicatuon that contains all my private passwords talking to doubleclick?


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    1Password itself doesn't want to connect to ad.doubleclick.net. However, if the option to "Automatically download icons and previews for new Logins" is enabled, then 1Password will in fact automatically download icons and previews for new Logins.

    When you create a new Login 1Password will contact the web site to generate a page preview which is displayed in the detail view of the Login. It will also try to fetch apple-touch-icon.png and favicon.ico from the web server. This are used for displays in shelf and list views of your data. 1Password does not send any information to the sites it fetches these from other that the actual URL you have stored for the site.

    If 1Password cannot do the fetching immediately when the Login is created, then it will periodically try to get these at a later time. This can happen, for example, when a Login is created on 1Password iOS, which doesn’t fetch icons, and then synchronized with 1Password for Mac or Windows, which do fetch icons and previews. In these cases on the Mac the connection will be initiated by 1PasswordThumbs.app within the 1Password application bundle.

    You may control automatic preview fetching in the Logins preferences pane by checking or unchecking “Automatically download icons and previews for new Logins” in the Logins preference pane.

    For more details on 1Password's network activity, please read the relevant section in the User Guide:

    1Password Network Activity

    Please let me know if you still have any questions after reading that.


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