Running Safari and the iPassword icon in the Dock is working BUT

the icon in the toolbar is not working The Safari Extension looks right in extensions. I've supposedly downloaded the latest V. 7 beta, although when I tried it a few moments ago it said that the download failed. Until recently I was using Brave as my default browser and, in fact, I think it still is my default. The 1P toolbar works fine in Brave and in Chrome but I just can't get it to work when in Safari, which I'm trying to use again for reasons other than 1P.

1Password Version: 7.7.1 Beta - 6
Extension Version: 7.7
OS Version: Mac OS 11.1
Sync Type: believe it's iCloud
Referrer: forum-search:Running Safari and the iPassword icon in the Dock is working but the icon in the toolbar is not work


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    Can you try completely quitting any running browsers and then do the same for 1Password?

    • Look for our helper in the menu bar near the WiFi indicator and the clock. Right-click on the helper and select quit 1Password completely. Wait a few seconds and then open 1Password from the Dock or the Applications folder.

    Alternatively, a restart of your device may help.

  • Thanks for your good response, Tommy. I did try all that you suggested in your first paragraph and the toolbar icon, when in Safari, still didn't work. Although I had restarted my Mac yesterday in an attempt to resolve this--and it didn't help--I did give that another try. Because Brave is still my default browser that came up automatically. when I tried the icon up top it said to "install the Brave extension, which I was unable to do for some unknown reason. That's interesting because yesterday when in Brave, the 1P toolbar icon worked fine. Now, not! So then I switched out of Brave and into Safari and the icon now works there. While it's still puzzling overall, the fact that it works in Safari is all I need right now. I'll switch my default browser to Safari. If and when I want to go back to Brave, will worry about that then. Thanks again.

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    You're welcome. I'm sorry it did not help. But its great to hear you have it working with your new default browser. :chuffed:

  • Thanks, Tommy!

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    No problem! Glad to help out.

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