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Dear all,
I have a new problem. On my mobile phone (android) I put a picture as a document in a tresor. The sync to my pc (win10, latest patches) is really fast and I can see the item (picture) in the tresor under documents.
But when I try to download this picture in a local folder on my pc, nothing happen! I click the button "click to download" and a popup appears for selecting a folder. After "saving" the file nothing more happen. The folder is empty!
I have full access at all. In the logs is no item about. I also can't see any action on my norton security.
Any idea?

1Password Version: 7.6.791
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Win10
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hi @Michael13,

    I don't think that this is an issue with the Windows desktop app. I just tried adding a photo from my iPhone in 1Password iOS app. After synching I was able to see this "document" in the Windows desktop app. Here I was able to download the photo to my desktop and also I was able to open the photo.

    Maybe it is a problem with Android app or with synching between Android and Windows? What kind of synch are you using? Are you using a 1Password membership?

  • Hi, yes I'm using 1password membership. On my galaxy s20 (android11, latest fixes) I open 1password, moved to the tresor, select the favorite category documents and press the "+" button. After this I choose the photo for adding. A few seconds later the photo is right there and I can open it. The photo is a normal jpg with a size about 2mb. But downloading fails.
    In the same tresor I have some pdf. I added them yesterday and these documents I can download without any problems. Adding a photo by uploading from the pc ist ok.
    So the problem is as you remarked the app 1password on the phone. The photo I uploaded I had moved some days before from my mobil phone to google drive and then to my pc so the source can't be the problem.

  • I open 1password, moved to the tresor, select the favorite category documents and press the "+" button.

    Is this your default vault you are trying to add the photo to? If not try to define this vault as your default vault and try again adding the photo. As I remember there is a bug with the iOS app if you try to add a photo into a vault which is not your default vault. Maybe it's the same with the Android app?

  • Thats it!!! When selecting the default tresor "privat" and repeating the procedure I'm able to download the photo on the pc.
    So the bug also exists on android!
    So do you have any idea about fixing this?

  • Actually there is no fix for this. There is the workaround only... But 1Password devs are aware of this bug and are investigating. ;)

  • BlakeBlake

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    Howdy @Michael13 🤠

    While we are currently investigating this behavior, we would definitely like to make sure we're seeing what you're seeing so we can ensure we're not ruling anything out.

    Could you please create a diagnostics report for 1Password for Windows, and then include that diagnostic in an email to [email protected] so me and my team can pass that along to our developers? Thanks in advance!

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