How to Edit an Excel File

I have stored a Microsoft Excel - MAC file within 1Password. This Excel file is using a password that I setup inExcel.
When I open the Excel file with Microsoft Excel - MAC (From the 1Password App) and change it, I cannot re-save the file. Excel states that it is a read-only file. How do I fix this?

1Password 3.8.20
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011 14.2.5 (121010)
MAC OS X 10.8.2


  • Hi there,

    Since 1Password encrypts your files within your data file, when you open it, it decrypts a copy of it in memory only to keep your data protected.

    You can't make any changes to it as it is generally read-only. For some file attachments, you can make changes but once you close the file, the encrypted version of the file remains the same. So, next time you open it, it'll look exactly the same.

    If you need to make changes, drag the file out of 1Password to elsewhere such as your Documents folder if you want and that'll create a decrypted file for you to use. You can then make changes to it with Excel and then save it. Once you save it, you'll need to drag it back into the item within 1Password, which will re-encrypt it and you'll need to secure trash the decrypted file.

    You'll need to delete the original attached file if you only want the latest version.

    Note 1Password's great for storing important static files, but it's not generally great for storing files that you'll be changing a lot. For that kind of use case, we recommend using Knox or Disk Utility's Encrypted Images.

    I hope this helps.

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