Chrome Retina Support [Working in extension 3.9.10]

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I'm on a 15" MacBook Pro with Retina display, and I just installed the 1Password browser extension for Chrome. I was surprised to see that it isn't Retina-ready, and it would be awesome if you added it in the next beta update to the extension. Thanks!


  • Hi Nerd,

    The extension itself is retina-ready, it has been for several months already. The problem isn't with our extensions but the browsers' ability to catch up to supporting Retina, once they implement it, we then can check and make sure it works properly.

    In my testing, it looks like in Chrome 24, the interface itself is in Retina mode but the only thing that isn't is the extension icon on the toolbar. We'll look into it and see if they changed the way it needs to be supported and if yes, we'll release a beta update as soon as possible.


  • preiser
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    Still waiting for the updated extension icon on the toolbar. It is optimized in Safari and looks perfect, but it's quite blurry in Chrome still. Any updates?? Thank you.

  • Hi guys,

    It'll be fixed in the next beta update soon and also fixed for everybody else in the next stable release.

  • Hi guys,

    It should already be included in the latest 3.10 betas for Chrome now.

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