[Feature Request] HotSpot login

Every day at work I need to login to the wireless HotSpot to use the internet; I also have to do this often when I travel.

OS X automatically detects that my internet connection is being blocked by a login screen and gives me a prompt, but I need to go to a web browser and try and visit an http URL (not https) in order to see the login screen and be able to get 1Password to auto-fill the login in for me.

What I want is for 1Password to auto-detect that a new internet connection is being blocked by a login page; for example by using http://www.apple.com/library/test/success.html
If I need to login, then I would like a 1Password webview to come up automatically and help me login to the HotSpot (using logins saved in 1Password of course). Ideally this would not rely on another running web browser, but just be a 1Password page that goes away when it is done. (Any extra information or logout page that is offered after the successful login could be opened in my default browser though.)


  • Hi Scott,

    That's an interesting idea, thanks for sharing it with us. I'm not sure it is something we want to add to 1Password, as we want to keep it lightweight and simple. This would add more complex code to ensure that you're being redirected, not because the Internet is down and so on. It sounds simple but it may not be simple to code and debug against.

    However, we never say never, so we'll see.

    Thanks again.

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