How do I delete all vault information on one PC and ensure it is still on another PC?

I set up 1Password on both a work and a separate personal laptop. I don't recall on which laptop I originally set up my main vault and which one has which separate vaults I have set up over time. I'm leaving my current work place, soon and want to remove all vestiges of my 1Password account on my work laptop. However, I'm concerned that if I do that on my work laptop that it could delete vaults from all my devices, when I only want to delete them on the ONE device. How do I achieve this without accidently permanently deleting vaults I want to keep?

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  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @Flexruger! Welcome to the forum!

    Normally you would just need to uninstall 1Password on that device:

    How to uninstall 1Password

    Is all your data already on your personal laptop? In other words, is there anything on your work computer that is not on your personal computer?

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